popSLATE 2 and Me

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Ok. So those of you who know me, understand that I’m not just a gadget guy but someone who looks for well made stuff.  I don’t like to buy twice or have to carry around more gadgets that I need to.  I like simple, elegant solutions to my digital problems. Even when I didn’t know I had one.

Enter the popSLATE. The original popSLATE 1 was lacking in my opinion, requiring you to charge with one cable synch and charge with another, battery draining bluetooth connectivity, etc.  Not that it was a pain to use but oh, what a difference a year makes in style, design and added functionality.

The changes are indicative of the responsiveness of the IndieGoGo platform.  Quick and nimble companies making things the way people are asking for them.  Top changes include a slimmer case, charge through capabilities via a single lightening cable, rear touch screen (three buttons) and a new set of applications that can be displayed via the case.

I bought mine just last week and I’m  looking forward to July.  Spring forward already!

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