Lost No More With Tile

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The tag line read: “Never Love Anything Again!”  Yes is still has an exclamation point.  Those Tile folks are cocky.  They never met the man who’s lost a half a dozen iPods on planes or the kids who create messes that rival natural disasters and then drop their ID’s in it.  The Tile folks had they work cut out for them.

They arrived in a little box, well packaged, compact and sealed (something to do with activation of the low power chip that is the magic).  Download the app, setup and account, press the “E”, give it a name like Dad’s Bag or Soon to Be Lost Keys and you’re ready to go, literally.

While the alert is low, it’s enough to let me find the things that so frequently get misplaced: Keys, Remotes, Bags.  Even my daughters CGM and Glucose Meter have a Tile traveling along with them just in case they get left behind.  It’s been a life saver!

One tile is a start but the value adds up when you get more.  We’re now a multi-tile household with a new community of converts who are no longer afraid of loosing their things.  Because they’re never truly lost.  Just temporarily lost object permanence.




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