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So what does travel teach you about being safe.  A whole lot.  Travel has made me more aware of my surroundings, more aware of people and the things they do.  It’s not fear.  Not in the least.  It’s protection.  It’s not being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It’s keeping an eye out for the strange and the unusual.  Sometimes moving to it and sometimes moving away from it.  It’s the natural reflex of being in unfamiliar surrounding and trying to get your bearings.  It’s natural.

At home, security systems are such an obtrusive thing.  Unlike life out and about, security at home typically comes with a large obnoxious box on the wall, some immobile touch panel that beeps and burps (yes burps) and makes noises akin to klingons (not a typo for klaxon).

Canary is different.  Form with function.  A lot of function.  After raising nearly 2 million dollars from an IndieGoGo campaign, they proceeded to release a product that continues to evolve and get better over time.  5 minutes to install, Canary is up and running and part of your digital life in no time.  Monitoring temperature, humidity, and air quality, it’s a virtual dynamo.  Add to that, high quality streaming, the ability to monitor more than one device in more than one physical location (upstairs, downstairs, at your aging parents home) and you have to ask yourself what’s not to love.

The Canary is a one time buy.  Nothing to purchase after that.  It comes with 12 hours of storage that you can add to at anytime.  Updates have been free so far.  Packed with other undocumented features like compatibility with Wink, it’s getting better and better all the time.

Right now, it’s $20 off the typical asking price.  Amazon Prime supplies the free shipping.  Simple.  Easy.  Elegant.  And yes, it make a loud noise to scare the bad guys.


Canary All-in-One Home Security Device, Black

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