Nik Collection Gone Free

By ltsolet / On / In Photography, Tech

So you know me.  I’m a Nik fan.  Was sad the day that Google purchased them because on of my favorite editing tools had been swallowed whole.  Not that is always a problem.  WAZE was purchased by Google and it gets better every release cycle.  Traffic be damned!  But Nik help a special place.  Nik took the need for Photoshop out of all but the most demanding post processing jobs.

And while I don’t know what the future has in store for the very innovative and beloved editing suite, it’s at least free, as in free free, for the time being.  Here’s to hoping that Google still has many more surprises in store for us with this image editing tool.  I for one would welcome more and better options that the CC Creative Suite.

Google Nik Collection

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