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Sorry for the lateness of my post.  I have been on the other side of the country at a conference.  Busy flying, busy chatting a talking and doing the entrepreneur thing.  Consulting is a great business but it takes its toll on blogging.  I wish it didn’t and perhaps I will figure out how to be better.  I have a plan.  Hoping to implement it.  When I do, I’ll post about it later.  We’ll all be better for it.  Right?  Right!

Standing all day and meeting clients from past jobs and potential clients from futures jobs takes a toll on ur feet and back and legs and and and and and.  No that’s not a typo just an appreciation for what happens to you when you stand on concrete without moving further than a few feet for an hour.  Sure I got to stroll show floor but it’s still the same concrete.

And what do I find a booth but the AcuXPD Micro Physical Messager.  It’s small, last for hours and can be worn around while standing around awaiting clients to show on hard concrete in comfortable shoes but less than comfortable concrete.

I’m not a doctor so please consult your physician before purchasing any medical device for uses that may or may not be appropriate for your condition.

I slacked around the show floor with a demo unit for a few hours and the effects of fatigue were negligible.  No pain, no sore back, nothing but the sweet goodness of comfort.

How it works:

Electrical pulses are sent to your muscles that help to stimulate blood flow.  I’m a network trade and standing up on less than stellar flooring has caused me to by relatively expensive footwear to stave off minor aches and pain.  While this is not the cure for those expensive shoes, it certainly is a remedy for when I can’t wear them and for longer than normal days on unforgiving, unloaded concrete floors like this week’s conference.

Retails for $450.  Show price was $280 for the latest and greatest.  Found here on Amazon for $130.  After two demonstrations over the past two days, I’m sold.  For the five conferences I go to a year, I won’t be going to another one without one.

Hi-Dow AcuXPD Micro Physical Therapy Massager

Hi-Dow AcuXPD Micro Physical Therapy Massager

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