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Ok. I’m guilty as the next guy/gal of running from one place to another.  And when I do, there is always something that slips through the cracks.  Sometimes these things matter and sometimes they don’t.  What’s I’ve learned is that it’s the little things, little unexpected things that make the most long term impressions on someone that will shape and affect your relationship with them.

And as it just so happens, here is a quick article with some ideas on things, some large some small, that will help you have happier clients now and in the future.

All credits to Justine Smith:

15 Ways to Delight Your Clients | FreshBooks Blog

“Actions speak louder than words.” The phrase your mother said 1,000 times before has followed you all the way into adulthood. In fact, it might actually be the thing that builds your business and makes you more successful. Mom was right. Go figure. The word “thanks” may have a nice ring to it, but there’s …




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