Backup Power

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Power and backup power is not a sexy topic.  But it’s something that I discuss often with clients since the Operating Room is a Mission Critical environment.  And while your desktop/gaming/entertainment center may not be as critical, there are times when a power outage can be a tad inconvenient.  Especially while saving the world Manhattan playing The Division.


APC ha sbeen known for making backup power supplies and surge protectors for years.  I’ve owned them I put together my first 286 PC in the early 90’s.  It’s pricier then.   Today, there are much better deals to be had and if saving your electronic equipment is tops on your list but you’ve put it off for some time, NOW IS THE TIME!

Amazon is offering a few deals and with Prime shipping, it’s a good thing for your as April showers and intermittent power may be upon us.

APC Back-UPS Connect BGE90M,120V, Network Backup with USB Charging ports

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