Analog Notes

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So I mentioned notes on a paper.  You do remember those, right?  Paper? Products?  Sometimes it just feels good to put them there.  Or there is an appropriate time to make those notes as opposed to putting them on your phone, tablet or Laptop.

When I need to, and I do this in the lab, on the road, in the field, taking pics, wandering around, just don’t feel like taking out an electronic device (read: battery is low), then these are my go to note pads.

Field Notes notepads are small, easy to carry around, excellent for lists of IP address, router locations and configuration and parameters, as well as who was in what image during an event shoot.  I have a few in my camera bag, Laptop Bag, commuter bag.  It’s just a thing with me to have them.  Sure I use digital notes (more on that later).  But when it’s time to go old school, these win out every time.

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