A Cure For Silence

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“Silence is the source of great strength” – Lao Tzu

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” –  Leonardo da Vinci

“Never miss a good chance to shut up” – Will Rogers

Nothing like a road trip to help grant you some silence.  And yes, silence is golden and a whole host of other things that get louder when things are quiet.  Like on a road trip.  Did I already say that?

In a car hurtling down a highway at 70+ miles per hour is just one of the ways for someone to transport themselves from Point A to Point B on a map.  Getting there being more than half the battle.  At first it’s “Where is my coffee.”  Then it’s “How far to the next rest stop?”  Then you’re fidgeting about, pressing every button, moving mirrors, plugging this in, unplugging that.  “Are we there yet?!?”

And then you realize that the handy dandy pocket computational device you use to to take meaningless pictured of your food and post to obscure website location can do other things.  Like play music.  Or better yet, Podcasts!!!

So what to listen to?

Here are a few thing interesting things that I listened to while on a 650 Mile road trip the middle of this week.  I hope you enjoy.


First an app.  It’s a life saver, time saver, socially correct and always there friend.  Based on Google maps but with the goodness of knowing how to combine social with driving.  Waze makes like easy.  I’ve been driving with it for over three years and it’s the best thing since radar detectors.  And you get to turn off those annoying talk radio DJs and listen to some thing better or more annoying (later in the list).

Free Community-based Mapping, Traffic & Navigation App

Waze is the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.


So with Waze in the foreground, getting me to where I am going all the while letting me know about construction, things on the road, where the next Dunkin Donuts is located, I can concentrate on me.

The Foodist because my relationship with food goes deeper than nachos and cheese and hot wings.

The Unknown Brain for really cool stuff you brain does without you knowing it.  Or perhaps you do but you just don’t know that you do.  Maybe.

Science Friday is fun with science.  I’m especially found of the cheese experiments that are going on now (check the site).  It’s fun, informative and great short form info on topics you’ve always been interested about but did want to look up.

No Such Thing As A Fish is like trivia night with your favorite erudite college buddies but without the hangover and bad breath.  Fun, cheeky and bound to keep you entertained.  Not to mention you might learn something that will become the conversation starter at your next meeting.

TED Radio Hour is an hour of the best of TED.  They pick a topic and you get to here excerpts from the TED archives.  It’s quite often the best hour I spend all week.

Dan Carlin Hardcore History because once I left school and started to read history the way I wanted to read history, I became a fan.  And when I listened to my first episode on history as read by Dan Carlin (Episode 4 – Romancing the Tribes) I found that history is certainly worth a buck a show.

Dan Carlin Common Sense is just like common sense.  It meanders.  It double backs.  It’s frustrating.  It’s illuminating. I don’t always agree.  But I get it.

The Tim Ferriss Show is a journey.  It’s not a sprint.  It’s a favorite for a couple of reasons.  Entertaining and enlightening.  Every episode has something that I like.


Wake Up and Dock This Way

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Cover Slap Shake

One eye opens and look over at the noise that’s coming from the nightstand. Was it getting to bed late? Contacts sticking? There’s a sense that the morning, or at east the waking part of the morning, had come too soon. Groggy. That’s the work for it. When did Monday happen?

Looking over at the nightstand, I see the time. A big round blue circle glows on my phone, a gentle ocean breeze sounds turns into a barrage of “(@#&%(@^%**@“ noise. It’s time to get up. Or maybe just a snooze. Not ready to get up yet. Not ready.

But its persistent. Pesky alarm clock app seems to know that it will win. Cover it to change modes. Slap it to snooze. Shake it to within and inch of its life to actually turn it off. Yes! That kind of movement will wake you up and get you in a go getting mood. At least it’s not one of those alarms that makes you chase it. Close enough.

Free download from the app store. Tiny Hearts Limited has a winner here. Even after almost 3 years, it’s my go to app for alarms. Unfortunately, iOS only.

Wake Alarm Clock on the App Store

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Wake Alarm Clock. Download Wake Alarm Clock and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Above The Fray

And for the phone, there is a perch. A beautiful aluminum perch from Twelve South. I’m been through quite a few dock for my phone. Speaker docks, Combo iPhone and iPad docks, some strange and wonderful docks made of cork and like most of us, an extra long cable that I throw on the table hoping it will stay and not fall behind the night stand or bed, or worse still, get tangled in the other cables that are haphazardly placed there for no other reason that someone hasn’t come up with a better way to masterfully remove my pain points.

Unlike most docks, Twelve South has elevated the Lightening dock connector so that it will work with most cases so you don’t have to worry about removing your phone from it’s case (see above comments on shaking and slapping the phone to within an inch of its life for reasons why this may be important).

Made of High grade aluminum. Height Adjustable. Doubles as a dock for iPad Mini’s (sorry full sized iPads will a different dock). So slap your phone in and get some rest. I’m heading back to bed. It’s been a long day.

Twelve South HiRise for iPhone/iPad mini, silver Adjustable charging stand, requires Apple Lightning cable

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