Analog Notes

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So I mentioned notes on a paper.  You do remember those, right?  Paper? Products?  Sometimes it just feels good to put them there.  Or there is an appropriate time to make those notes as opposed to putting them on your phone, tablet or Laptop.

When I need to, and I do this in the lab, on the road, in the field, taking pics, wandering around, just don’t feel like taking out an electronic device (read: battery is low), then these are my go to note pads.

Field Notes notepads are small, easy to carry around, excellent for lists of IP address, router locations and configuration and parameters, as well as who was in what image during an event shoot.  I have a few in my camera bag, Laptop Bag, commuter bag.  It’s just a thing with me to have them.  Sure I use digital notes (more on that later).  But when it’s time to go old school, these win out every time.

Thank You

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So it’s been a while.  And I wish that I could tell you that in that time there have been major changes, major revelations, an epiphany.  But alas, no.  Sadly, I’ve just gotten lazy as spring wore on and things wee not going as planned.  This blog is an outlet for me.  Something that I put together to gather my thoughts on things that I read, the places that I go and the things that I do.  It’s supposed to be therapeutic and helpful to others at the same time.  But like that friend you mean to call but “forget” because of [enter some excuse here], you don’t.

It happens.

Instead of apologizing, I’m going to thank you.  It’s something I read along the way that I noted on a piece of paper.  I know, very analog of me.  Surprising it’s still with me given how I’m prone to lose things or misplace them (see Tile post).

Anyway, reform is on the way.  Some simple changes and one or two things that only make sense once we start to engage again.

Until then, thank you for reading.  More to come shortly.


Free Photography Books

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Who doesn’t like free?  Rhetorical question, I know.  Sure I love free as much as the next person but you have have to ask yourself sometimes, if it’s free, is it any good.

Questions answered:  Yes.

So our friends at (from Australia) have compiled a list of Photography books that are 100% free, readily available and pretty darn good.  Some will change the game for you out there who have reached a plateau  and are looking to expand your vision.  For others, it will be a quick reminder of things that you have taken for granted over time.  And for still others, it will be a recommended reading list for those you are passing down your knowledge to.

Many of my friends here me say it all the time: “Knowledge wants to be free and finds a way to be so.”  This excellent compilation shows just that and the generosity of the photographic community in sharing what it knows.  Great job Mark!


The Ultimate List of FREE Photography Books! Get them ALL

There’s no easier way to improve your photography than devouring all the free photography books available on the Internet. Along with watching free YouTube tutorials, you can improve your photography and learn how to run a photography business… all for free. I’ve scoured the web to create what I consider to be the ultimate list of free photography books.

Trial and Error But Better

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Form and function is something that comes natural to come designers.  It’s a gift and a curse.  The gift is that they have it at all.  The curse is that the rest of us have to wait for inspiration to hit and then product marketing and filtering to happen before it gets down to us.

So the story goes.

I bought my wife an Apple Watch a few weeks after they came out.  It’s main use it to track our daughter’s CGM.  As a Type 1 Diabetic, being able to monitor these things in real time on a wearable is not just remarkable but a lifesaver.  But the trouble with eery new device is managing it and it’s accessories.  It’s not enough that it needs cables but it need a different cable, new stands, etc.  It adds up over time. Watch, phones, tablet, laptop.  The bedside table has no room for a lamp anymore.  “Good thing the phone comes with an LED, right?” I say to her.  To which the response is that look.  You know the one.  It says, “Figure this out or you’ll be sleeping with one eye open until you do.”  I know that look.

So scared and a little tired I find this.  Bury cables inside, add others right to it.  One outlet, simple design.  Sits next to lamp.  I get to sleep with both eyes closed.  Sold!

Apple Watch Stand, Oittm 4 Ports Desktop Smart Charging Station Nightstand Apple Watch Charger Dock Apple iWatch Charging Stand for iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Samsung S7/Edge and More (White) Apple Watch Stand, Oittm 4 Ports Desktop Smart Charging Station Nightstand Apple Watch Charger Dock Apple iWatch Charging Stand for iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Samsung S7/Edge and More (White): Cell Phones & Accessories

Apple Watch Stand, Oittm 4 Ports Desktop Smart Charging Station Nightstand Apple Watch Charger Dock Apple iWatch Charging Stand for iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Samsung S7/Edge and More (White) Apple Watch Stand, Oittm 4 Ports Desktop Smart Charging Station Nightstand Apple Watch Charger Dock Apple iWatch Charging Stand for iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Samsung S7/Edge and More (White): Cell Phones & Accessories

Polar Ice Tray

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One Cocktail or two.  Sometime ice just doesn’t last long enough.  Sometimes, it’s just right.

If you’re like me, you like your drinks cold but not watered down.  And for the perfect drink, chilling is good but not great.  So I searched for a solution and came across this.  It was a Kickstarter staff pick and reached nearly $300K versus the $10K goal.

Clear, artful, and delightful ice for your drinks, special occasions or just enjoying reading a book in the wonderful spring air.  Sure this take time and effort but artful living takes time.  And sipping one of your own creations if a great way to live artfully.

Polar Ice Tray – Polar Ice Ball Series

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Happier Clients Now

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Ok. I’m guilty as the next guy/gal of running from one place to another.  And when I do, there is always something that slips through the cracks.  Sometimes these things matter and sometimes they don’t.  What’s I’ve learned is that it’s the little things, little unexpected things that make the most long term impressions on someone that will shape and affect your relationship with them.

And as it just so happens, here is a quick article with some ideas on things, some large some small, that will help you have happier clients now and in the future.

All credits to Justine Smith:

15 Ways to Delight Your Clients | FreshBooks Blog

“Actions speak louder than words.” The phrase your mother said 1,000 times before has followed you all the way into adulthood. In fact, it might actually be the thing that builds your business and makes you more successful. Mom was right. Go figure. The word “thanks” may have a nice ring to it, but there’s …




What No Post Then A Lot Of Post

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So I want to apologize for the barrage of post.  I’ve been traveling extensively the last two weeks and while I have a list of things to write about on my editorial calendar, I’m just behind.  So there.  I said.  Not lazy, just busy.

And here’s a taste of what I do on a day to day basis outside of this new blog.  AV Shop Talk with Nate Schneider, a colleague of mine in the field.  He is joined by Brian Cirrisi whom I’ve worked with for almost a decade now and is a well respected and very talented designer.  And while I work mainly on the IT side of this discussion, it’s a great intro to what I do for a living outside of blogging.

And also, if you’re interested in all things AV, subscribe to their Nate’s podcast, AV Shop Talk.

E13 | The Integrated Operating Room

A fascinating peek into the Integrated Operated Room with Brian Cirrisi of Image Stream Medical. Summary: Interview Guest: Brian Cirrisi – Systems Engineering Manager at Image Stream Medical Podcast Release Date: February 25, 2015 Running Time: 51:17 Brief: At AV Shop Talk we love interviewing guests who can help us remember and appreciate just how important our work as AV professionals and systems integrators really is.