Travel Extra with Koomus and Brainwavz

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Just a quick trip today.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing special.  Far enough away that I have to fly.  And far enough away from the airport that a car service (you name them, yes we use them – more on that in a later post) was not feasible for time and convenience.

When I have to rent a car, I’ve always struggled with what to do with my phone.  So I travel with one of these:

Koomus Air Vent Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder Cradle for all iPhone and Android devices – Retail Packaging – Black

No Description

They are small, convenient, nearly indestructible (two years in the bag and neither lost or broken).  It’s saved me from holding my phone, trying to position it in some cup holder, or having it slide around the dashboard.  While I introduced a powered holder here, Koomus is just as convenient and since it doesn’t require an outlet, just vents, it’s perfect for the getting in quick and getting on with business.

One more thing, a quick stop for a shot of coffee is always in order.  It seems that every time I get there, the coffee klatch is in full swing.  That’s when I slide these in:

Brainwavz Delta IEM Earphones

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Comfortable, good bass response, highs are true.  And they come with a convenience velcro tie and multiple size ear buds AND foam for your listening comfort.  I can’t tell you that these earbuds will put you into a deep sleep or perform like noise canceling headphones, but I can say that Airplane noise is mostly drowned out, audio quality is out standing, durability is phenomenal and so is the warranty service.  Be sure to pick the right version for your phone.  Once in, drown out the world and get productive.

Happy travels!

In the Car

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Your phone is your life.  It’s the one thing that you can’t live without as you make your way in the world day in and day out.  And while they are the Swiss Army knives of the new world digital order, they are don’t get the shotgun seat in the car.

In steps the Moobom Cradle.  It’s loud and obnoxious, holds practically any phone securely and comes with two 2.1A USB ports; one for your phone and one for your wing-person.  Or perhaps you can charge that tablet device at full speed, making light work of your travel to that sale that makes you Sales Person of the Year.

Pick up a short USB cable while you’re at it to avoid the clutter of cable and make thing a bit more tidy that your usual setup.  Who knows, your attention to detail as you drive that client to lunch may be the icing on the cake that seals the deal.  It’s the little things, you know.

At $11.50 with free prime shipping, it’s a steal.

Moobom 2 In 1 Car Cradle Charging And Holding During Driving For Iphone Sumsang And More

No Description


How I Travel Now Pt.2

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So yesterday we started a series on travel and we focused on staying healthy on the road with some quick product tips, things that I use every trip to stay fit.  A couple of things I didn’t mention were that I follow a mainly Ketogenic/Slow Carb Diet as popularized by Tim Ferris in the 4 Hour Body.   So plenty of water and (s)low carb and protein shakes work for me.  I’ll be writing more about travel and fitness, tech and the things I’ve tried that work for me and why later.  Until then, feel free to send in any questions.

[su_spoiler title=”A Quick Aside About Me”]A quick note about me. I’m 6’2′ and about 190lbs (1.85m and 86kg). I work out on average about 3 times a week, sometimes more some times less depending on schedule. All hard to maintain on the road. You know, the work life balance thing everyone tells you you need to have. Exercise and health are a much a mental game as they are physical games you play. Do what works for you and guess what: it will work.[/su_spoiler]

For Part 2 of this series, we’re going to focus on stuff.  Some functional stuff, some techy stuff, but mostly on details.  We’ll get into details of process in later posts.  The things we need to get out of the way right now is where does all of that stuff I mentioned last post go and what new goodies are we in store for?

I’m glad you asked.

[su_heading size=”18″ align=”left”]Tech Gear[/su_heading]

Let’s start by saying that I’m carrying a lot of baggage.  Or at least I was.  I’ve gone through backpacks, shoulder bags, sling bags, duffel bags, and other bags that I’ve entertained but have not worked out for what I needed (now donated to a good cause).  That was until I was introduced to a wonderful company called Timbuk2.  I now own several of their bags and I can’t say enough about them.  Roomy, thoughtful, and quite simply the most functional well made bags I have ever used.   Where I was buying a new bag every year, I have had the very same Command TSA-Friendly Messenger bag for over 4 years.  Comfortable straps, well organized pockets, and expandable.  It’s a good, one or two night bag, for those short trips.   Laptop, batteries, tablet device, pens, paper, ink, hard drives, passport, keys, water bottle, and so on and on and on.  When I first used it, stuffed it and ran off for a two west coast trip, it was like the rabbit in the hat.  Timbuk2 even makes a camera insert called Snoop that allows you to safely transport your gear without worry.  Another one of the reasons that I own two.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag, Midway, Medium

No Description


As a media guy I carry a lot of drives.  Drives are important to me.  And the Timbuk2 bag has a couple of slots that I use to carry two mobile hard drives to augment my storage and organizational needs.  Seagate makes a great quick USB 3 drive that I use to port info, organize, draft, etc.  They come in a couple of colors that I assign to Quarters (Blue Q1, Red Q2, Black Q3, Silver Q4).


Power on the go is also an issue.  Not very hotel has enough outlets, or in the right place, and don’t get me started on airports.  So instead of begging or having to do some weird phone yoga on messy airport floors, a portable power source is the way to go.  At 2.4Amps per port, a nice fast charge several times your portable devices is in your pocket.,160&refRID=0MK8NXVG2PF0HNFWKD4Y&linkCode=sl1&tag=psychoglycom-20&linkId=e867c87275cbaf71ea65db6fbd2e3a1e


And while reading on your phone is great, it gets to be an eye strain with the glare, etc.  So unless you’re an iPhone user and are looking to get a popSlate2, the Kindle Paperwhite Edition is a great reader for all of your books.  eInk is less power hungry and the readability can’t be beat.  Slim enough to fit in a side pocket, or interior pocket of your new Timbuk2 Command Messenger, it’s a wonderful addition to your tech arsenal.

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle including Kindle Paperwhite 6″ E-Reader with Special Offers, Amazon Leather Cover – Onyx Black, and Power Adapter

No Description


As always, comments welcome.  More and more travel gear and tech to come.


How I Travel Now Pt. 1

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[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]S[/su_dropcap]o I’m off on the road again today, as I am every other day of the week.  In one airport, out of another, shuffling through security, into on cab and out of another.  It’s a chore.  And if you don’t do it often , it can be painful.

But, after nearly 20 years into and out of airports, there are ways for you to make travel a little less stressful, especially on your health and your digital life.

[su_spoiler title=”Rest Assured You Need Rest”]Resting before travel is like gold. Many people think, “Oh, I’ll sleep the plane.” I’m sorry to tell you this but the person sitting next to you has other thoughts. And they are not keeping it to themselves. Which is why counting on the two minute of fitful sleep you are likely to get is not going to be enough. This is why I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep before I have to travel. If it means going to be early for that 5:30 flight, then do it. Nothing will keep you awake and alert better than a good night of rest.[/su_spoiler]

[su_heading size=”18″ align=”left”]Health[/su_heading]

First of all, you need to get credit for all the escalator climbing, concourse running, cab hailing and sidewalk time you’re going to put in.  And regardless of your phone preference, there is only one thing to use:

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large

No Description

From the moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep and even in those semi-conscious hours looking through the tiny windows of that commuter flight, Fitbit is there summing up your day as well as you sum up a column on a spreadsheet.  It’s also a good conversation starter at the water cooler (as it counts the steps it took to get there).   Download the app and get moving.

[su_spoiler title=”Rest Assured You Need Rest”]Speaking of water. Travel makes you thirsty. For a number of reasons but first and foremost is the air on the plane. It’s dry. And while an hour of anything is tolerable, it’s best to drink plenty of water when you travel. That’s why I’m easy to find carrying a water bottle everywhere I go. With airports now outfitted with water dispensers (not water fountains, though they may be connected), it’s an easy way to stay hydrated.[/su_spoiler]

Water is life.  They find it all sorts of places.  Even Mars.  And from what the internet says, there is about as much moisture on a plane as there is on the less mysterious red planet.  That being said, I being a camel with me to stay hydrated.  There are other brands you could buy but consider the free replacement parts, insulated so there is no sweaty bottle messing up your papers and you’ve got a winner.  Hook it on your bag and go, go go.

CamelBak Eddy Insulated Water Bottle, Hibiscus, .6-Liter

No Description



And last but not least is some quick nutrition on the go.  I’m not a fan of fast foods.  Don’t get me wrong, the smell of cinnamon buns and french fries are almost enough to stop me dead in my tracks.  And sometimes, between flights, even fast foods aren’t quite fast enough.  But a little Jay Robb in great, easy to use, easy to carry drink bottle and you’ve got a quick meal on the go.  No compromises.  In addition to the Camelbak, I carry a Blender Bottle with me to shake up a quick protein drink on the go.  With the ProStack system built in, I can pre-measure everything the night before and off I go.  Saves time, money, and my waistline.,160&refRID=1X69C0FG11R4AZ1Q7D2B&linkCode=sl1&tag=psychoglycom-20&linkId=9cd3d694ca35e911ac9a235185733592


In Part 2 of How I Travel, look forward to some tech gear to make you travel a little lighter and more enjoyable.  A commuter bag to die for, tiny storage large in size and sweating the small stuff.

And as always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

World First Duffle Suitcase

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[su_dropcap size=”5″]O[/su_dropcap]k, so there is nothing so exciting to someone who travels that a bag that does everything. And while everything is suggestive of kitchen sink, the reality of travel needs is not that far from the truth.

Typical, scenario: you’re about to board and some kid, not yours, not this trip, has bumped into you with his ice cream and ruined your pants. Now, any old suitcase would carry an extra pair of pants but would it carry two, or three and all of the other things that you require and still fit in the overhead bin without looking like something from Snakes on a Plane.

And it’s more than likely that you’ll not be able to find a place for your razor, shaving cream, socks, running shoes or other gear.

That’s where this Kickstarter gem comes in. Introducing the bag for a bag lover: The Duffle Suitcase

7 days of travel. Supple leather or durable canvas. TSA and FAA approved.

What’s not to love.

Comments below for when you get yours. Or just drop us a line.